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Are you looking for clothes for pedicures? has pedicure jackets, trousers and footwear with an attractive price. With us you will only find A-brands, so you can be sure that the clothing you wear during your work is of the best possible quality. Are you curious about which company clothing you can choose from as a pedicure? Then read on below.

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Buying clothes as a pedicure: you should pay attention to this

When you buy work clothing for a pedicure, it is important that you base your choice on three factors: comfort, quality and appearance. At we understand the importance of this and that is why we offer you a range of comfortable, high-quality and professional-looking clothing.

1. Comfort

The first factor to consider is comfort. Comfortable clothing is important because you will be working all day. As a pedicure, you don't want a jacket or pants that don't actually fit well. Therefore, make sure that you choose clothing that ventilates and falls smoothly on the skin. Usually when you try on a jacket, you will discover within a minute whether it is comfortable. You can feel this in the way the jacket falls and the fabric it is made of. Do you find it difficult to choose? Send us a message and we will help you personal style advice.

2. Quality

The second factor is quality. As a pedicurist, you want to wear professional clothing that lasts a long time, is made of sustainable cut and is easily washable. You also want the clothing to be antibacterial and hygienic. After all, you work with clients on a daily basis and that entails certain responsibilities. Don't want to spend too much money? Then it is good to know that you can also find high-quality pedicure clothing for very affordable prices.

3. Appearance

The third and final factor is appearance. Clothing with a good appearance is essential for your company. After all, you want to wear clothing that suits you as an entrepreneur. Think of the color of the clothing, but also the way in which it is designed. Perhaps you want to appear professional and clinical, so you prefer white clothing. Or maybe this is even necessary from your education. Many training institutes for pedicures require that students wear white clothing that can be washed at 60 degrees.

Is white clothing not necessary for you? And would you like to look hip and trendy, so that you can receive your customers in a positive way? Then be colorful clothes of clothes with patterns ideal for you. Whatever look you want, has a range that suits you. We are happy to make you the promise.

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Are you curious about what our range has to offer you? We have jackets, trousers, skirts, clogs, sneakers, polo shirts and various other items of clothing for pedicures. The brands we supply are De Berkel, Dickies and Haen. All these brands offer clothing that guarantees comfort, quality and appearance.

You will find pedicure jackets and trousers in our range in various colours, including pink, purple, red, blue, black, green and also combination colors and patterns. Of course we also have neutral clothing in the color white or grey. We notice that many pedicures still find this the most pleasant to work in. Many of the wellnesskleding that we sell is also very popular among manicurists, masseuses and other spa employees.