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Do you need medical clothing because you work in a healthcare institution? offers the widest range of medical workwear for nurses, carers, doctors, masseurs, physiotherapists, chiropodists and other professional groups who work in the medical sector or have an affinity with it.

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What is Medical Clothing?

By medical clothing we mean all clothing that is made to wear in a medical environment. This includes care tunics, care pants, doctor's coats, massage clothing, surgical clothes and various other care clothing including nurse clothes. This means that the clothing must be of a high-quality cut. As a care clothing company, it is our requirement that all medical work clothing that we sell meets high quality requirements.

  • The clothing is provided with antibacterial properties (a well-known example is Certainty's antimicrobial technology).
  • The clothing is suitable for a clinical or sterile environment.
  • The clothing is easily washable and preferably does not need to be ironed.
  • The clothing is representative and clearly recognizable for clients and colleagues.
  • The clothing is equipped with practical storage bags for medical tools and accessories.
  • The clothing is airy and comfortable, so you can work in it all day long.

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Which medical clothing suits your profession?

Are you a healthcare professional and are you looking for high-quality medical clothing? And do you want it to fit well with you, for example care slippers of medical clogs? Then we have the most extensive range that you can find online. The medical clothing you choose largely depends on your style and preferences, the place where you work and the position you perform.

Medical clothing with a professional look

Do you work in a hospital or nursing home? And are you therefore bound to wear neutral care clothing in white or blue? Or do you simply enjoy being clinical and professional? Then it is wise to opt for medical clothing where the emphasis is not on how trendy or colorful the garment is, but what the quality and comfort are.

Good examples of medical clothing with a professional look are the clothing lines of Haen, De Berkel and Shae, among others. They produce high-quality medical clothing for healthcare professionals, including white care pants that are suitable for any healthcare facility.

Medical clothing that is trendy and fashionable

Do you work in home care or are you active in an industry where you get more freedom to choose what you wear? But at the same time, do you think it is important that your work clothing is of medical quality and has the same properties as the care clothing that people wear in the hospital? Then has an assortment with which you can always succeed.

We sell healthcare clothing that is known as trendy and fashionable, but nevertheless has the same medical properties as the more neutral healthcare clothing lines.

Medical clothing for doctors and surgical assistants

Are you active as a doctor, surgeon, anesthetist or operating assistant? Then the term “medical clothing” has a completely different meaning for you than for the nursing staff. After all, in a sterile, clinical environment it is doubly important that your work clothing is antibacterial and that the chance of carrying diseases, bacteria, viruses or infections is as small as possible.

Do you want to be sure that you have the best possible medical clothing for a sterile environment? Or do you think it is important to be recognizable as a doctor at the outpatient clinic? Then view the clothing lines below.

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Buy medical clothing? Ask us for personal advice

Do you want to buy medical clothing for work? But are you unsure which sizes, colours, functionalities or fits best suit your physique and your position? The professionals at have more than ten years of experience in this sector and are happy to help you. Contact us via the website or send us a message Instagram of Facebook.

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