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Are you looking for care clogs? also has sneakers and slippers also about the very best medical clogs from Sanita. Deze stijlvolle verpleegklompen staan ook wel bekend als zusterklompen, werkklompen of medische klompen en bieden een optimaal draagcomfort voor professionals in de verpleging, waaronder mensen die werken als verpleegkundige, helpende zorg en welzijn en verzorgende IG. De klompen passen uitstekend bij onze trendy care jackets and our medical clothing in general and with our range massage and wellness clothingin pedicurekleding.

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Sanita care clogs are suitable for wearing in hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, but also in home care and community care. Wherever you work, thanks to Sanita footwear you can give your feet the care they need. The Sanita shoes have been specially developed for people who have to walk in them almost continuously for eight hours.

Clogs in healthcare: You can choose from these medical clogs

Thanks to our fashionable and varied range - we sell both white clogs and clogs with a pattern or color - there is a suitable set of clogs for everyone. Also for people with large or very small shoe sizes. Below you will find an overview of all our care clogs.

Care clogs with colorful patterns

Does your employer give you the freedom to wear trendy and colorful professional clothing? Or can you at least choose which color care clogs or care shoes you put on? Then the colorful care clogs from Sanita are undoubtedly a favorite of yours. With these high-quality clogs in healthcare, you not only have a comfortable and professional shoe on your feet, but you also make a very fashionable choice. Sanita's care clogs with colorful patterns are available in floral print, panther print and black with white dots. Below are some stylish examples:

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Care clogs in neutral colors

Do you prefer clogs that are a bit more even or perhaps less noticeable? Or are you required by work to only wear uniform colours? Then the nursing clogs in one color are the best choice for you. Fortunately, these sister clogs are also very stylish and also fit in well with the dress code at work. Sanita's care clogs in uniform colors are available in glossy black, red, taupe, pink, fuchsia and blue. Below you will find some trendy examples of this:

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Do you want to buy the best medical clogs for work? Then choose the comfort, quality and style of Sanita. Healthcare clothing has the latest and best range to choose from. Are you stuck? Or do you have doubts? Please feel free to contact us at Instagram. You can follow us immediately and enjoy the latest trends, posts and stories every week.